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"The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 3)" (2013)

 1. Franklin Roosevelt

 2. Harry Truman

 3. Dwight Eisenhower

 4. John Kennedy

 5. Lyndon Johnson

 6. Richard Nixon

 7. Gerald Ford

 8. Jimmy Carter

 9. Ronald Reagan

 10. George H.W. Bush

 11. Bill Clinton

 12. George W. Bush


"The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 2)" (2012)

 1. Abraham Lincoln

 2. Andrew Johnson

 3. Ulysses Grant

 4. Rutherford Hayes

 5. James Garfield

 6. Chester Arthur

 7. Grover Cleveland

 8. Benjamin Harrison

 9. William McKinley

 10. Theodore Roosevelt

 11. William Taft

 12. Woodrow Wilson

 13. Warren Harding

 14. Calvin Coolidge

 15. Herbert Hoover


 "The Presidents of the United States of America (Volume 1)" (2011)

 1. George Washington

 2. John Adams

 3. Thomas Jefferson

 4. James Madison

 5. James Monroe

 6. John Quincy Adams

 7. Andrew Jackson

 8. Martin Van Buren

 9. William Henry Harrison

 10. John Tyler

 11. James Polk

 12. Zachary Taylor

 13. Millard Fillmore

 14. Franklin Pierce

 15. James Buchanan 


"It Just Came Out That Way EP" (2009)

 1. Sleeping

 2. Don't Judge Me

 3. How Ya' Been?

 4. Organic

 5. Oprah Winfrey (My Favorite Billionaire)

 6. I'm Boring

 7. Kill the Mainstream

 8. We Should Be Together 


"Safe, Effective, and Fun" (2008)

2Love Is Not About Teeth
3If You're Happy, I'm Happy
4Midwestern City
5Let's Make Fun of Everybody
6Oleaver's Pub Won't Let Us Play There Anymore
7If It Weren't for Time, I'd Have Some
8One Good Friend
9Henry Poole Is Here
10Here's What I Have to Say About Tomatoes
11You Should Floss!
12We Might As Well Live a Little Bit Before We Die


"Too Much Information Age EP" (2007) 

1The Media
2The Magic Is Gone
3American Idol Rejects
4Hooray for Propaganda!
5Please Like My Music So I Can Get Rich Off This Crap


"Trying to Escape the Bigotry" (2007)

1Everyone Wants Your Money
2Nobody Cares About Me Anymore
3Mediocre Bands
4You Make Me Feel Sunny
5All Of My Ancestors Were Wrong
7Middle of the Ocean
9Bull Crap
10Here to Stay
11The Wicked Nosehair
13We Will Rewind


"My Socks Never Match" (2005)

1I Hate The Suburbs
2Dear Celebrities, Thank You For Making the World a Better Place
3They Were Terrified, Yet Calm
4High School
5No Money, No Problems
6Pain in the Butt
7Figured Out
8The Empty Interior
9You Don't Know What You're Talking About
11Call Her
14Killing Is Wrong
15You Get What You Don't Deserve
16Ellie's Song